Marketers Worried About Lack Of Red Carpets

With the Golden Globes curtailed and the Oscars in doubt, movie marketers could lose the coveted Red Carpet to promote their films.

As a result of the ongoing writers' strike, NBC yesterday cut the Golden Globe's black-tie broadcast in favor of a scaled down press conference to announce the winners.

The decision doesn't bode well for the Oscars, a three-hour extravaganza that airs in late February and is even more critical to marketers' plans.

Traditionally, award shows are as much about selling and promoting movies as they are about recognizing good work. Without star-studded telecasts to draw big audiences, the marketing power of awards season is greatly diminished.

"The cache of the award is what people are trying to cash in on," said one film studio executive. "The ability to market your movie as an award winner is hampered somewhat without the show."

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