Markos, John, & Elizabeth: How Daily Kos Keeps Swallowing The Kool-Aid

I think I know why I'm still banned. Markos got this story totally wrong and his wrongness set the tone over at Daily Kos for everyone who attacked me and who continue to attack me to this day.
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It wasn't just 'old media' or 'mainstream media' who ignored the John Edwards story or got it wrong. Unfortunately, it was also the left-wing blogosphere who overwhelmingly let their readers down. Many sites didn't cover the story until it burst like a dam last Friday on cable news but I know of only one that censored it; the popular Democratic blog The Daily Kos.

I don't know Markos Moulitsas Zúñiga, the founder of Daily Kos. I'm still banned over there for discussing the Edwards story and I get letters and tweets asking me if I'm unbanned yet. I wrote Kos days ago to see if he thought banning me was a good idea and I haven't heard anything.

Up until now, I've assumed it wasn't personal with Markos. Then tonight, I remembered that Kos himself actually had written about the Edwards story on DailyKos before I did.

Now I think I know why I'm still banned. It's not just that I got the Edwards story right. More significantly, Markos got this story totally wrong and his wrongness set the tone over at Daily Kos for everyone who attacked me and who continue to attack me to this day.

Look what the leader of Kos told his followers...

Seriously, I can't believe this is even subject to debate, but for the crazies, no source is too disreputable if it validates their warped world view.

It's telling that Markos quoted Richard Blair from All Spin Zone and that Mr. Blair has done something Kos still has not; admitted he was wrong about Edwards.

Blair wrote...

I'm sad about this, because I was and am a very firm believer in the issues on which John and Elizabeth Edwards have led, especially since his first run for the presidency in 2004. I'm further saddened because no doubt their voices will now become silent. They have more important things to attend to.

I'm disappointed - no, hopping damn mad - about this, because I've been a supporter since 2004. He's received my very vocal support, as well as financial contributions.

No such reality from the Markos community. While mainstream news outlets are at least trying to think about about their handling of the story, Markos just published a new front page diary actually congratulating himself and the whole community for being so darn swell to Elizabeth Edwards. It's stunning that the Kossacks are so happy that their echo chamber got the story so wrong both factually and in terms of the wider implications for Democrats.

No wonder the Edwardses chose the Daily Kos as the place to launch her homespun manipulative PR deception piece, which helped push the falsehood of the 2006 'no affair anymore' date four times in three short paragraphs. She knew she'd have a receptive audience of Kossacks whose critical thinking skills have atrophied but whose high five reflexes were keen.

In the middle of the Kos groupthink hug, someone brought up unbanning me. That didn't go over well.

Stranahan is the worst kind of so-called journalist. He only wanted to be right, and to "break" the story. Markos has a great site here, inspiring thought-provoking, reality based discussions. The community banned Stranahan because he was an idiot opportunistic jerk. This site has made such a difference and serves as a community townhall, and we (the community) need to keep it humming.

When Markos brought up the Edwards scandal he wasn't an idiot opportunistic jerk and even though he mentioned the story first he wasn't trying to break it, correct?

The commenter is right. I don't belong in the Daily Kos community. I only wanted to be right. Guilty as charged. That's exactly what I wanted. Now if only we can figure out what Daily Kos wants to be.

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