Marlins Mermaids Replaced By 'Energy Team'?

In last night's 30 Rock, the secret to Liz Lemon's happiness was not a pill; it was her recent moonlighting gig performing on a WNBA dance team.

Now you can get that happiness boost here in South Florida. The Miami Marlins are holding auditions for a new dance troupe, the Miami Marlins Energy Team.

There seems to be some disagreement on whether Energy will replace the Marlins Mermaids. Jennifer Valdez, a team PR rep, told the Palm Beach Post that Energy will be the sole performers at the games.

However, PJ Loyello, Marlins VP, contacted the Post to dispute Valdez's response: "The Energy Team is just one element that we’re looking into implementing and the fate of the Mermaids has yet been determined."

This possible entertainment switch is just one more in a series of changes for the baseball team. With a new name, new uniforms, a new logo, and a new stadium -- complete with tropical fish aquariums, sculptures, and retractable roof -- soon it will be hard to recognize them at all. At least we still have Billy, right? Oh wait, they already doused him in rainbow paint.

Another casualty of the Marlins' recent makeover is the loss of their all-male, all-chubs dance squad, the Manatees. "We danced at the groundbreaking of the new stadium," Manatee Wesley 'Mac' Boozer told New Times. "It's interesting now that it's come to fruition, we've been disowned." The Save the Manatees Facebook group has 327 members fighting to convince the team to reconsider.

Watch the Mermaids gyrate and bounce for their ball players below:

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