Watch Lost Audition Footage Of Marlon Wayans As Richard Pryor

Last summer, Mike Epps was cast to play Richard Pryor in a film about the iconic late comedian from director Lee Daniels. But back in 2009, Marlon Wayans had the role in another movie about Pryor, one set up at Sony for producer Chris Rock and director Bill Condon.

"Marlon Wayans screen-tested for it, and it was amazing," Rock told MTV about the project April of 2010. "If you ever saw him in 'Requiem for a Dream,' you know how dramatic he can be."

At the time, Rock said he and Condon were just "waiting for the green light from the studio." The go-ahead never materialized, however, and the rest became movie history. Until now: On Monday, Wayans' purported "audition footage" for the Pryor film was uploaded to Vimeo. The nearly eight-minute reel includes two sequences: a scene between Wayans and actor Omar Epps and a Wayans on stage as Pryor. Watch the NSFW footage below to see what might have been:

Representatives for Wayans and Condon were not immediately available for comment; this post will be updated if and one a response is received.



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