Marni Kotak Continues Child-Rearing Performance Piece With First Video (VIDEO)

In October Marni Kotak, a performance artist, gave birth to her son, Ajax, in a small Brooklyn gallery. In front of an audience, Kotak turned a private water birth into a public moment in a city that is rarely shocked by art stunts. But even this dramatic act was far from the end of Marni and Ajax's large-scale performance. 'The Birth of Baby X' has now paved the way for 'Raising Baby X,' a series of podcasts which will capture Ajax bouncing around, wearing diapers and perhaps drooling on himself or his mother. It's not a home video, it's performance art, we swear!

Kotak has dealt with her fair share of critics over the merit of her project. Animal New York pointed out Kotak's disdainful comments about Facebook made in December, in which she scorned the general public's compulsion to update others constantly on quotidian matters. Kotak assured readers she would "never log on just to post status updates or such about the details of my life. My life is for me to experience in an authentic way..." Watch Kotak ring in the New Year with her baby below. It's authentic, for sure.