Marnie The Dog Goes Shopping, Has The Derpiest Time

Marnie The Dog Goes Shopping, Has The Derpiest Time

This is Marnie the dog. She's an Instagram star; and she recently went for a shopping adventure in Duane Reade:

It seems she had a good time.


Like, really good.


When Marnie's not out shopping for home essentials, she keeps herself plenty busy.

She hangs out with her famous friends:

Relaxes really hard:

And spends her days just generally being awesome:

Marnie may be on top of the world right now, but life hasn't always been easy for the cute pooch. Her owner, Shirley Braha, says that before she adopted the pup from a shelter in 2012, Marnie -- who is now 12 -- had lived a life of neglect on the streets. When Marnie was first brought into the shelter, the pooch was "smelly and matted" with a mouth full of decaying teeth, Braha said, per a June Facebook post.

But some dental surgery and a lot of love later, Marnie's livin' it up.

We love happy endings.

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