Marquess of Milford Haven

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The title of Marquess of Milford Haven dates back to 1917 when it was created in honour of Prince Louis of Battenberg, formerly the First Sea Lord. The title was partly a response to the reticence among the British Royals to use Battenberg, his German surname, and his titles in the aftermath of World War I. Mountbatten was the new, anglicised version given to him and his descendants. At the same time, the new Marquess was named Viscount Alderney and Earl of Medina.

The title is currently held by the first Marquess of Milford Haven's great-grandson, George Ivar Louis Mountbatten, a successful businessman and peer, who succeeded his father and became the fourth to hold the title in 1970.

Marquess of Milford Haven's Heritage

Born in June of 1961, George Mountbatten was the Earl of Medina, before becoming the Marquess of Milford Haven. He's a well respected British businessman and the Head of the House of Mountbatten. The eldest son of Janet Mercedes Bryce and the previous Lord Milford Haven, he is a direct descendant of Alexander Pushkin and Catherine the Great. He is also a descendant of Prince Alice, Queen Victoria's second daughter, placing him in the British monarchy's line of succession to the throne. In addition, he is the great grandson of Prince Louis of Battenberg and other ancestors include Peter the Great's African General, Abram Petrovich Gannibal.

Family life

Lord Milford Haven has been married two times, in the first instance to Sarah Georgina Walker, whom he wed in 1989 and remained with until their divorce in 1996. Before this, the couple welcomed two children, Lady Tatiana Helen Georgia Mountbatten, who was born in April 1990, and Henry David Louis Mountbatten, more commonly called Harry, who was born in October 1991 and is the current Earl of Medina, as his father was before him.

Lord Milford Haven's second marriage took place in August 1997, in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where he married his current wife, Clare Husted Steel.

usWitch, the company founded by the 4th Marquess of Milford Haven

The 4th Marquess of Milford Haven has enjoyed a successful career in business, founding comparison website, a company dedicated to enabling consumers to compare prices among various energy suppliers and switch to obtain better deals. In March 2006, Lord Milford Haven sold the thriving company to EW Scripps, an American media firm, for an estimated £210 million ($400 million).

In addition to his business exploits, Lord Milford Haven is a consummate polo player, and his teams have been coached by Julian Hipwood.

Polo career and Great Trippetts

In addition to his successful career, the 4th Marquess of Milford Haven is also an avid Polo player, and the brains behind Great Trippetts, a 1,000-acre farm dedicated to the sport. The farm has become a polo mecca, of sorts, very popular with teams and enthusiasts.

The facilities at Great Trippetts are specially designed to support and train polo teams from all over the world. Both Lord Milford Haven and his wife, Clare, are extremely active supporters of polo, and the complex at Great Trippetts was built in order to train polo teams to compete at the highest levels. The farm boasts an extensive array of training facilities for both polo players and horses.

Lord Milford Haven's own team, Broncos, train at Great Trippetts, but the farm is closely associated with the Hurlingham Polo Association, providing the essential private training grounds required to prepare a team for playing at the highest possible level.

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