This 11-Year-Old Perfectly Sums Up The Problems In Ferguson

This 11-Year-Old Perfectly Sums Up The Problems In Ferguson

Marquis Govan may only be 11 years old, but that's not stopping him from arguing for change in Ferguson, Missouri, the town that was rocked with protests and police brutality after an officer shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown there in August.

In an interview with CBS "Sunday Morning," Govan shared his vision for Ferguson, saying he thinks one way to improve things is for the town to hire more African-American police officers. But Govan told CBS' Jane Pauley there's a reason you don't see many minorities on the police force.

"Look, let me tell you why: From the beginning we've felt abused by these people. Why would you go up to serve among the abusers? It doesn't make any sense," Govan said.

Govan first spoke up about the problems in Ferguson at a St. Louis County Council meeting on Aug. 19. With his remarks on the protests and how jobs could improve his community, he impressed Councilwoman Hazel Erby, who told CBS News "he was right on."

Watch CBS' interview with Govan above.

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