An NFL Player Just Won A Silver For Long Jumping At The Pan Am Games

Prepare to feel like a huge underachiever.

What have you done lately? Have you won a silver medal in the long jump while also maintaining a successful career the in the NFL? No. Because if you did, you'd be  Marquise Goodwin, who did just that on Wednesday.

Goodwin, when he's not playing for the Buffalo Bills as a wide receiver, is competing in long jumping for Team USA -- an event that earned him both the 2010 and 2012 NCAA championship titles while attending the University of Texas.

It just so happened that Goodwin also played football for the Longhorns. He was drafted in 2013 by the Bills, only a year prior to having competed at the 2012 Olympics.

After falling short in London, Goodwin took a three-year absence from track and field, making his return at the U.S. championships last month, where he came in fourth.

The athlete had a much better showing Wednesday at the Pan Am Games, where he came in second. He jumped 27 feet, 1 3/4 inches (8.27 meters). His teammate, Jeffery Henderson, took home the gold with a jump of 28 feet, 1/4 inch (8.54 meters), ESPN reported

As to whether Goodwin will continue his track efforts in 2016 for the Olympic Games in Rio, that pesky NFL schedule might get in the way, as training camp for the Bills starts in August.

After the U.S championships, Goodwin said, "Football is my main deal right now," a point that he reiterated to Wednesday.

"I love long-jumping, and if I'm granted the opportunity without repercussions, then I will pursue it further, but I'm obligated to Buffalo Bills football and that's the main focus," he said. 

But as Pro Football Talk noted, that could change depending on his role with the Bills. Plagued with injuries in 2014, Goodwin only racked up one catch for 42 yards.

Either way, there's not many others who can boast NFL coaches cheering them on from the side of the track.