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3 Couples Married 50 Years Reveal Their Secret To Wedded Bliss


When you walk down the aisle and exchange vows you can only hope that your love truly lasts forever. But. There's no better way to figure out the secrets on how to do so than from married couples who are going 50 years strong.

That's right. 50 years.

Slate reports that author Laura Fleishman has published a book called "The Lovers," which features a series of love letters between her grandmother and grandfather during World War II. She then interviewed other older couples — all married 50 years+ — and found out what they had to say about love. Here are three beautiful secrets they shared:

1. Support each other's interests.

“David always supported any interests I had. He supported me with whatever I did, told me I should do the best I can. And I was anti-intellectual when I married him. I got to love music because he practiced a lot and I listened to him — he explained everything. We really changed, we enriched each other's lives." —Sheila Newman, married in 1957.

2. Expect your love to change.

“In June we will have been married for 74 years. I never think of it in terms of years. I think of it in terms of good years. In love, hot romance doesn't last forever. So I would say that yes, I think love changes.” —Dorothy Bolotin, married in 1938.

3. Sometimes you find love with someone you least suspect.

"I was the kind of girl that I fell in love right away. So the next day, I would tell my friend, ‘Terrific, I mean, I'm in love already.' But after the first date with Sol, I did not feel that way. I told my friend, ‘No, he was very nice. We had a good time, but that was it.’ She was the one that came back with the statement, ‘I bet this is the guy you're gonna end up marrying!’” —Gloria Holtzman, married in 1954.

Aww. Making love last is not always a picnic, but these couples are reminders of what it looks like when you stick around for the rainy days.

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