Marriage Advice: Remember That The Little Things Count

This post is part of Sophie Keller's "How Happy Is" series on The Huffington Post. This week, Sophie offers marriage advice:

Much of what makes a marriage happy is not the big things, but how you interact on a day-to-day basis. It's those small acts of kindness that we do for each other daily that really count, more than the grand gestures. Make small gestures, and make them often. To do so, you need to be conscious of the other person at all times and give to him when you are together. One way to do this is to think what you would like him to do for you and then do it for him. Would you like him to hold your hand? Hold his. Would you like him to make you a cup of tea? Make him one. Would you like him to butter your toast? Butter his. Imagine that you are him and step into his shoes; this will help you to become more thoughtful. These small acts of kindness will encourage your partner to give back to you, and as a result, your relationship will benefit from the little things.