9 Tips For A Great Relationship From Wildly Happy Long-Term Couples

Those of us who've managed to make it past the seven-year-itch milestone and go on to enjoy long-time -- and satisfying -- relationships know how hard it can be. (This senior editor has been married 23 years so I'm fully aware of the effort that goes into keep the flame alive after so many years together.) Some scientists say getting tipsy together is the glue that holds a couple together. Others say it's all about sexual evolution, arguing that decades in the missionary position just won't cut it.

Even I've written about the secret to a long marriage -- not taking your spouse for granted. But what do you think? We asked our Facebook fans how they keep their long-time marriages fresh and they didn't disappoint with their answers. Here are just nine of them below. Have your own ideas? Let us know in comments.

Mostly, we hope you'll use the upcoming Valentine's Day as a time to shine a new light on your relationship and to reflect on all the good in your partner.

tom hanks and rita wilson

denzel washington and wife

7) "Sleep in separate bedrooms," said Stephannie Stewart.

kevin bacon and wife kyra



Long-Term Relationship Advice From Readers