Marriage Equality: Which Video Defines It Best? (SLIDESHOW)

The Courage Campaign, a California-based progressive organizing network, is advancing efforts to achieve marriage equality in the Golden State and across the country with the launch of "The Wedding Matters."

The project, which was generated by the institute's Entertainment Industry Equality Team, sought to produce a series of videos communicating the marriage stories of individuals who wed prior to the passage of Proposition 8 -- a 2008 state ban on gay marriage that was overturned by a federal judge last week.

Ultimately, thirty-eight film creations were made by 119 volunteers on a budget of $1,600. One of four will be transformed into a 60-second public service announcement that will be aired in California and across the country.

Cast your vote for your favorite video on the Courage Campaign website. Here are the finalists:

The Wedding Matters Project By Courage Campaign