Marriage Fraud: How One Woman Discovered Her Husband Was A Conman

What would you do if you discovered your marriage was a sham?

For Donna Andersen, who stopped by HuffPost Live on Wednesday, the answer was simple: she ended it.

"My marriage was never a real marriage to begin with. My ex husband turned out to be a con man. He took a quarter million dollars from me, he cheated with six different women during our two-and-a-half year marriage, he had a child with one of those women, and then 10 days after I left him, he married the mother of the child, which turned out to be the second time he'd committed bigamy," she said. "And I could not fathom where this behavior came from until I realized he was a sociopath."

Andersen, who now runs, told host Nancy Redd that although there were signs that her marriage was a sham, she was not able to figure out what they meant at the time.

"Oh there were definitely signs, and the problem was I didn't know what they meant," she said.

Check out the clip above to hear more from Andersen, including what she's doing to help other women and how she found her own happy ending. Then, click over to HuffPost Live for the full segment.

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