Why These Women Who Saved Themselves For Marriage Don't Masturbate

For many folks, remaining a virgin until marriage is a choice based in religious values, and as these women described to HuffPost Live on Tuesday, those values are taken very seriously.

For all three, their vow of virginity includes masturbation.

"That conversation comes up a lot and I know for myself, masturbation is a no-no. I have taken the vow to remain pure and not have sex before marriage, and that includes not to have sex with myself," author Lakita Wright told host Nancy Redd. "When you're engaging that, you're probably thinking of something or someone. ... Something is helping you get to that place. For me, I don't condone masturbation. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone else. I want my first time to be with my husband."

Wright is not yet married, but she's slated to tie the knot this month. For the other women on the panel — authors Lisa Velthouse and Nikki Thompson — masturbation is still off the table, even after becoming a bride.

"For me, and I think what the Bible shows us is that, the pleasure that comes from sex is part of something that is reserved for people who are married," Velthouse said. "It's one of the joys that comes from committing your whole life to a person. So sexual pleasure comes from my husband. When he's not around, that's not around either."

Watch the rest of the clip above, and catch the full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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