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A State-By-State Look At Marriage Numbers Across America

If you want to live in a state where you'll be surrounded by lots of married folks, then head to Utah where 57 percent of the population is hitched. (No surprise there!)

Find The Best -- a website that collects and presents data sets on a variety of topics -- used marriage data from the Census's American Community Survey to calculate the percentage of married people in states across the U.S.

The percentages were calculated by taking the number of people over the age of 15 ("Seems young, but this is how the Census collects the information," a Find The Best product associate told HuffPost) who are currently married in a given state and dividing it by the total population of people 15 and older in that state. The numbers were pulled from the ACS's 2007 to 2012 surveys.

To find out how your home state stacks up, hover over the area on the map.

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