Marriage Problems: Why Do Couples Fight?

A marriage without any disagreements is hard to come by, but fighting becomes an issue when it completely consumes a relationship.

Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, stars of "Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas" on WeTV, stopped by HuffPost Live this week to talk about the show, their own marriage and what really causes excessive fighting.

Jim said that once anger comes into play it can be hard to alleviate and can end up causing more arguments and discontent.

"Statistics show that it ends up being money and then chores and everything, but what it really ends up being is couples get mad or angry at each other and they let a little bit of anger and resentment grow," he said. "And that gets in place and it blocks the love between them."

To hear more from the Carrolls check out the whole clip above, and click here to watch the full segment.

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