5 Ways To Plan The Perfect Marriage Proposal

Marriage proposals come in all shapes and sizes: some are big, public affairs (ahem, Kanye) and others are more intimate, shared only between two people.

A Reddit thread that cropped up Tuesday provides some insight into what people actually want in a proposal -- and it runs the gamut.

Here's how to plan a "dream marriage proposal," according to Redditors.

1. Make it unique to the relationship.

Whether it's including elements like your song or staging it in the place you had your first kiss, Redditors said they want their proposals to be reflective of the relationship. "I don't want a proposal that was copied from someone else or that didn't take any thought or effort," one Redditor said.

2. Think outside the box.

Even ordinary moments can become extraordinary when it comes to asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you. That means you can go big with crazy proposal stunts like skydiving, or you can simply turn a regular ice-skating date into the surprise of a lifetime.

3. Create an intimate atmosphere.

Whether the proposal is over-the-top or in the most private of places, creating an intimate moment is key. After all, marriage is a commitment made between two people and no one else. As one Redditor put it, "While growing up I wanted a big public proposal (baseball game, hockey game, etc), now I would be happy with any type of proposal. As long as we're together."

4. Talk it out.

A successful marriage is all about communication, so it's fitting that many Redditors felt the perfect proposal meant discussing big life decisions beforehand. One Redditor explained,"A simple, logical, calm conversation that lays out expectations, commitment, money issues, and any or all other possible factors in a concise and non-emotional manner. The celebration can happen once terms are outlined."

5. Don't forget that the way to the heart is through the stomach.

Consider baking the engagement ring right into a cake, as this Redditor suggested. Or go with our favorite (read: most delicious) proposal idea from the thread:

C'mon, this is like a guaranteed "yes".

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