Marriage Proposal Book: Man Writes Children's Story To Pop The Question (PHOTOS)

LOOK: There's A Big Surprise Inside This Kid's Book

One man's storybook marriage proposal has a very happy ending.

Jason Methner wrote a children's book, called "A Hare-y Tale," about his relationship with girlfriend Molly Lipsitz and shelved the book in the children's section of the Chicago Public Library. On Saturday, he helped her "find" the book -- then, he got down on one knee and popped the question.

Methner told HuffPost Weddings that the inspiration for the book came from Lipsitz's beloved stuffed bunny (named Bunny). In the book, Lipsitz is represented as a bunny and Methner is represented as a tortoise.

"She has slept with this stuffed animal her entire life and I thought since I was trying to be part of the rest of her life I needed to somehow include Bunny in the proposal," Methner said. "I thought that the idea of having something to takeaway from the special day and show our families, as well as the family to come, was one of the most attractive pieces [of proposing with a book]."

After Methner wrote the book, his friend, Yoni Limor, painted nine watercolor illustrations to accompany the text, and Methner used self-publishing website to bind the book. He got Lipsitz to come to the library by telling her they needed to find a book his uncle's friend had written.

Photographer Aparna Paul Jain captured Lipsitz's reaction when Methner popped the question (she said "yes") -- check out photos of the proposal, and some of the artwork featured in the book, in the slideshow below.

Children's Book Marriage Proposal

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