Woman Pops The Question To Boyfriend Wearing A T. Rex Costume

She turned heads, even though she could barely turn hers in the outfit.

This proposal is fit for a couple of dinosaurs lovers.

Chelsea Pearson of Spokane, Washington wore a T. Rex costume to a local restaurant last week to ask Andrew Dunlap, her boyfriend of two years, for his claw, er, hand in marriage.

“Someone once told me: ‘Never be ordinary, Be different. You only get one life so make the most of it,’” Pearson told The Huffington Post.

Dunlap, 27, said “yes,” and then attempted to hug her in the inflatable outfit.

The two have known each other for 11 years are raising a 7-year-old and a two-month-old together.

“We both love dinosaurs and we have two boys,” Pearson said. “I wanted the boys to be able to have a story they will remember forever.”

The costume didn’t make the proposal any less nerve-racking, though.

“I was so nervous, I almost cried,” she said. “It was hot in the costume and there were so many people there I forgot what to say.”

Pearson said her 7-year-old was very impressed.

“He still likes to watch [the video] before bed,” she said. “My two-month old? He doesn’t really care right now.”

Pearson and Dunlap, who are planning to wed in July 2018, hope to include the dinosaur outfit in the ceremony.

“I also want to have my boys in dinosaur costumes,” she said.

T.Rex costumes have been garnering a lot of viral attention as of late.

Back in October, Denver Broncos cheerleader Romi Bean wore one at a San Diego Chargers game and knocked it out of the (Jurassic) park. In November, bride-to-be Elizabeth Rex Hundley surprised her groom, Tom Gardner, by wearing the inflatable dinosaur costume on her wedding day. And in February, Leslie Haasch of Hull, Massachusetts proved why you should never wear a T. Rex costume to shovel snow.

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