Marriage Scam: 'Ricki Lake Show' Guest Talks Fraudulent Marriage (VIDEO)

05/08/2013 01:59pm ET

Amy, a guest on the Ricki Lake Show Tuesday, told Lake and viewers that her marriage "may have been a scam."

She recalled that her passport went missing the day before she and her Welsh husband were to get their UK marriage license. What's more, she never signed any legal marriage documents because her former spouse told her that he had figured it out with his lawyer and everything was taken care of -- and she believed him.

After hearing Amy's story, licensed clinical physiologist Dr. David Swanson told her that her ex may be a "sociopath."

Ultimately, Amy left him after finding out that she was pregnant.

"I left because I couldn't put my child through that," she said.

Watch the video above for more on Amy's story, then click through the slideshow below to see why readers left their exes.

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