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This Couple's Love Story Is One For The Ages

We fell in love with Frank and Eleanor Turner back in December -- the couple who, after 65 years of marriage, died just nine hours apart.

Now, their daughter is elaborating on the love story that captured so many hearts.

Linda Purser spoke to HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd this week to shed some light on her parents' incredible journey -- from meeting at a car dealership back in 1948 ("My mom always said he got two lemons that day") to their very last moments together.

"I said from the very beginning, when she got to heaven she called for him and he came too, because she was always calling for him to help her," Purser told HuffPost Live. "Even when they were in the nursing home together, he would push her wheelchair down to dinner ... Anything that she wanted he would do it for her.”

Watch the clip to hear more about the long-married couple, and check out the entire segment to find out why couples who are married for decades often die within hours or days of one another.

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