Joey And Mel Schwanke Wear Matching Outfits For 35 Years

Joey Schwanke says she's old school.

The 81-year-old Fremont, Neb. resident told The Huffington Post that she and her husband, Mel, use their matching outfits to "enhance" their relationship, which has been going strong for 65 years.

"We're of the old school where you get married once and that's it," Schwanke told HuffPost. "We've been together 24 hours a day at work and at home.

Joey Schwanke picks out the ensembles, which often have a floral theme, because the couple owns and operates a successful flower shop in Fremont.

"We joke that we're connected by velcro because we do everything together," Schwanke told HuffPost.

The two have 146 custom-made matching outfits which typically match Joey's dress with Mel's tie, according to KETV.

Joey Schwanke said the keys to her marriage's success are love and respect.

"To this day, if he does something for me I thank him, she says. "If we run into each other, we say excuse me. We fully respect each other and consider each other with every decision we make."