10 Signs That You Are, In Fact, Already Married

As anyone who's married knows, there's a big difference between talking about forever and actually saying "I do."

So what kind of changes can you expect once you walk down the aisle? Thanks to a recent Reddit thread that asked users to complete the sentence, "You know you're married when..." we now have some insight.

See below for 10 signs you've already tied the knot, courtesy of Reddit and our readers.

1. "Your weekends are red wine and Netflix... and you LOVE it."

2. "Your texts go from 'I love you so much, I just want to spend all my time cuddling you 4EVA xoxoxo' to 'will you get milk? ... yeah."

3. "Things that were awkward before, slowly become normal. Like farting."


4. "You call customer support and then they ask for the name, you stop one syllable into your maiden name and correct yourself."

5. "You have the comfort to lean on someone and they have the comfort to do the same thing. You know you're married when you feel safe!"

6. "When showering together simply becomes a way to save time in the morning."

7. "You prepare stock answers to 'when will you have babies?' Instead of 'How's the wedding planning coming along?'"

uncomfortable couple

8. "When you spend your nights talking about index funds and where to bank."

9. "You see dating drama and you think phew thank God that phase of my life is done forever!"

And the ultimate sign you are married is...

10. "You poo with the door open."


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