This Power Couple Got Married In The Middle Of A Marathon

What'd you do today?

Running a marathon is a major commitment. One couple took that notion to the next level.

Anthony Johnson and James Makokis veered off course during the Vancouver Marathon on May 6 for the best reason: to get married in front of friends, family and lucky marathon spectators.

The couple, who wed around mile 20, had been looking for fun wedding options when the idea struck Makokis, Runner’s World. Both were training for separate races when they decided to use the running event as their wedding venue.

“We kind of started seeing marathon training as a metaphor for a relationship in terms of you have to put in the work and you have to have a good attitude,” Johnson told Runners World. “So we thought it would be a great way to celebrate our union by getting married.”

In honor of the occasion, the pair dressed up in tuxedo T-shirts that read “We said ‘I Do’ at 32 km” and put on jackets for the 30-minute ceremony, according to Runner’s World.

Long distance physical activity appear to be a theme in the couple’s relationship. As Johnson explained to The Cut, a marathon of sorts marked the beginning of the couple’s relationship, too. “[Makokis] visited me in New York for my 30th birthday where we biked the entire city and had one of those only in New York romantic kind of days,” he said. “That’s the day that really started our relationship.”

Their wedding comes a month after a woman named Jackie Scully got married right before the London Marathon and raced in her wedding dress as she recovered from cancer.

Sounds like the most rewarding way possible to multitask.