22 People Who Ended Up Marrying Their High School Sweethearts

"We are truly better together."

Like a fine wine, some couples just get better with time.

The idea of marrying your high school sweetheart might seem far-fetched these days, but the couples below are a reminder that puppy love really can blossom into true love. Read on for 22 real-life stories from HuffPost readers who turned a teenage crush into a husband or wife.

Lizz and Katie
"We've known each other since 5th grade, and are a classic case of 'opposites attract.' We have always given one another room to grow, while managing to stay in the same orbit. She's simply my favorite person."
Jodenny and Troy
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"I met my husband Troy when we were both 14 years old. We got married back in 2007, and have an awesome 3-year-old little girl together. Like any other couple, we had our hiccups along the way, but I feel like our history, and the fact that we've grown into adulthood together has helped make our bond stronger through the years."
Taylor and Deric
"My high school sweetheart and I have been together for almost nine years. We got married in July and reenacted a prom picture in front of our high school."
Louise and John
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"John and I met in high school in England and became friends at age 15 (although we had actually been at school together since we were 12). We quickly became close friends, thanks to his ability to make me laugh every single day. I had another boyfriend at the time but John waited patiently, and we finally got together at 18. Fast forward almost 12 years and we are happily married."
Jasmine and Lance
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"I remember our first date at a shaved ice and flower shop called Scotty's in Whittier, California. He had saved his lunch money so he could take me after school to get a sweet treat. After, I made the first move and pecked him on the cheek with a kiss. He turned so red, and his dimples caved from his smile. I can honestly say I still get the same butterfly feeling from the first day I kissed him. He is the love of my life, my best friend and my partner in crime."
Alex and Erica
"My wife and I met in the summer of 2006 at high school band camp. From that moment on, we knew we would be together forever. Now, 10 years later we have been married for five months and fall more and more in love with each other every day."
Kristen and Kofi
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"I liked him since the 8th grade, but we didn't start dating until senior year of high school. Our love for each other kept us together through a long-distance relationship in college and family racial issues. After eight years of dating, we finally tied the knot in 2015."
Adria and Jake
"My husband and I met in first grade when we were six years old. I came around to the idea of dating him our junior year of high school and we haven’t looked back since! We have now been married for over four years and during that time, we have been faced with a multitude of challenges. Shortly after our wedding, my dad was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer. Jake was the most amazing person during my father’s illness and truly kept me whole, even at times I thought it wouldn’t be possible. We’ve faced family illness, the bar exam, career changes, moves, adding a second rescue dog to our family, and many things I know I am leaving out. But every single thing we encounter we face together because we are truly better together."
Karen and Marino
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"My husband and I met in high school in 1980. I tried setting him up with a friend at the beginning of the following school year. It backfired and we ended up together. We started dating Sept. 26, 1981 and were married June 20, 1987. To this day we still celebrate Sept. 26th and will be celebrating 35 wonderful years together this year. We have two wonderful twin boys. One of them has followed in our footsteps and will be marrying his high school sweetheart next year."
Abby and Gary
"We started dating at the end of our freshman year of high school. I asked him to the Valentine's Day Sadie Hawkins Dance in February of that year and it took him until May to get the message and finally ask me out! We stayed together (but long-distance) for the four years of college, then we both moved to New York together and now we're back in Chicago. When Gary proposed, he said that it had been amazing to grow up together, and he'd love nothing more than the chance to keep doing so. We were such different people in high school than we are now, but we (luckily) grew in the same direction -- and we're closer and more in love than ever. Our shared history makes us so strong, and we've been through life together."
Jenelle and Steven
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"I've been in love with my husband since I was 14. I am just as obsessed and in awe of him as I was as a giddy teenage girl. We have been married 16 years now. I don't know how I got so lucky. Don't get me wrong -- marriage takes work every day. It feels like we have been to hell and back and lived to tell the story. We struggled with infertility for 10 years. We spent $100,000 and years of IVF treatments and losses only to walk away empty-handed in the end. I'm told all the time that most couples don't survive such a traumatic and bumpy road. It was excruciating and many days it still is. However, we as a couple only got immensely stronger. We bonded even more and I had no idea that was possible. We have been kind to one another and just clung tight to each other through all of the heartache."
Catherine and Michel
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"25 years, four beautiful children (including twins!), five homes, lots of camping and to this day, lots of love. Our secret: a common goal. A strong marriage, well-balanced kids and knowing that even when things get nuts (and boy, does it get NUTS) we always have each other and our commitment. Now we can't wait to see what the next 25 years bring!"
Mikala and Lance
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"Lance and I spent most of our junior high and high school years together. My family moved across the country with our unpredictable teenage hormones trying to keep us together while simultaneously tearing us apart. We moved back and things were good for a few years -- then they weren't. We broke up, he moved and joined the army, and I graduated soon after and attended college. He was in Germany for two years and came back home on leave. A few days before he left, I thought I'd drop by his house where he was having a 'coming home' party and the chemistry was still there. We had a romantic night and he left to go back to Germany that next day. During his time in Germany, we decided he would come back and we would marry each other. We are still here facing life together with its waves of highs and lows."
Maureen and Norman
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"It started off in 6th grade. I was safety patrol at her crossing to go home. She wouldn't cross and kept telling me she was going to marry me. My wife and I just celebrated 45 years of being married on Aug. 13. We have been together since 9th grade, through high school and into life. The ups and downs have been challenging and exciting. God has given us four children and eight grandchildren. We are truly blessed and look forward to the rest of our lives together here in Michigan."
Anne and George
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"When I was 15 my friend asked me if I wanted to go to church with her. I said, 'No, not really.' She told me there were lots of cute guys there. I snuck into my older sister's closet and borrowed a long white skirt and a pair of red cowboy boots. At church I spent my time looking around and sure enough, I saw a handsome boy with curly dark hair. We've been married now for 26 years and have five children. Later he told me that on that day, he turned around at church and saw me standing in the back. The sun was coming in and shining right through my skirt and he could see everything. I thank god every day for this guy and that skirt."
Crisel and Ishmael
"My high school sweetheart Ishmael was my first boyfriend and the first boy I ever kissed. I can say with certainty that I've found both my soulmate and my sole mate. During these seven years together, so much has taken place -- from us being in a long-distance relationship, to me becoming a big sister, to him losing his mom and grandma during college, and then me losing my best friend this year. Through the joys and the tragedies of life, we've grown so much both as individuals and as a couple, bringing us closer and stronger together."
Susan and Tom
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"Together as a couple since 1973, we have been married now since 1980. Our story is the truest in corniness -- captain of the football team and head cheerleader variety. It's almost gross if it weren't true. We are still best friends, lovers and parents to two great 'kids' who are now 30 and 27. If it weren't for our steadfast love through all manner of adversities, our kids would never have made it to be such level-headed, strong people."
Stephanie and Chris
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"Chris and I have been friends since we were little kids. Our parents were really good friends and shared every holiday together. We started dating in high school when I was 15 and he was 17. We continued to date in college and he proposed the year after I graduated. We bought a house and had a destination wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Two weeks after the wedding, I was pregnant. We now have a beautiful little boy named Christopher who is 5 months old."
Melanie and Matt
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"My husband Matt and I met while I was in grade 9 and he was in grade 11. I watched him walk down the hallways in between classes and in those moments he looked as if he was floating with a bright light behind him while 'Dream Weaver' played softly in my head -- his long, flowing locks blowing in the wind, rockin' the coolest ponchos around. He was to be mine. We have been by each other's side for over 18 years, more than half our lives with no more than two weeks apart at a time. We are proud to show our kids what a strong, committed and gloriously happy relationship looks like."
Montana and Brynn
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"Montana was my brother's best friend, but they went to a different school than I did so I didn't meet him for a couple years. One summer he came over and I finally met him. I had to play it cool and act uninterested because he was my younger brother's friend -- as if! After four months of being friends he asked me to be his girlfriend on Oct.14, 2003. We got married ten years later. I still get butterflies whenever I see his handsome face, and I can't imagine life without him. I know it's cliche but he really is my best friend -- we make dates a priority, try not to take life so seriously and laugh every day!"
Tiffany and Kalieb
"Our love story began during our junior year at Woodland Hills High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We will tie the knot in June 2017 on our 10-year anniversary at The Chadwick in Wexford, Pennsylvania. We couldn't be more excited for our family and friends to witness us confirming our love."
Debbie and Anthony
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"He treated me like a princess from our very first date on Aug.16, 1975. On May 24, 1980 he made me his queen. We have weathered many storms together, but he has been my lifesaver through them all. We couldn’t imagine life without each other. It has been a wonderful adventure together and we look forward to the next leg of our trip."

**Some responses have been edited/condensed for clarity.

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