'Married To Jonas' Finale: Dani Opens Up To Mama Jonas In What Could Be Series Finale (VIDEO)

The first season of "Married to Jonas" wrapped just as Kevin and his brothers were getting ready to embark on their first tour in two-and-a-half years. Kevin and Dani have been through a lot in this season, as they figured out married life and felt out one another's family.

Dani, in particular, has come a long way in learning how to assert herself in the strong-willed Jonas family. She confronted Mama Jonas about her insecurities around her. "I worry about it because I want to impress you," she told her mother-in-law.

But the Jonas matriarch never wanted to make Dani uncomfortable. "I want you to know I’m really proud of you and you’ve impressed me," she said. It was an airing of unspoken anxieties for Dani that really helped her find comfort and more self-confidence within the family.

The finale wrapped with Kevin saying that he and Danielle would like to try and expand their family with a baby. Could that be material for a second season, or has the show run its course? reports that the E! website for the show touted this episode as a series finale, and that there has been no word of it coming back for another round. Do you want to see "Married to Jonas" come back?

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