Maggie Duckworth, Mars One Applicant: I'd Have A Baby On The Red Planet (VIDEO)

In 2023, the Netherlands-based nonprofit Mars One plans to send teams of four people to the Red Planet to colonize and live out the rest of their lives there. Already, 100,000 people have applied for the one-way trip.

Several of those applicants recently joined HuffPost Live to discuss their reasons for wanting to leave Earth. Maggie Duckworth, an electrical engineer in St. Louis, said she sees the opportunity as a "stepping stone in human galactic expansion."

"We never would have discovered America if people hadn't been risking themselves theoretically falling off the edge of the Earth," Duckworth said. "I'd like to get out there and maybe fall off the edge of Mars and see something new."

When pressed about whether she'd be willing to even have a child on Mars, Duckworth said that she wouldn't rule out the option.

"I've never been particularly interested in having children here on Earth, so I wouldn't be exactly be gung-ho about having one on Mars, but I suppose if it came down to it and I had to do it for science, I could be convinced," Duckworth said.

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