Mars One Candidate Kenya Armbrister Opens Up About What It Takes To Go To Red Planet

Kenya Armbrister is one step closer to an all-expenses-paid trip to Mars.

The 36-year-old resident of Oakland, Calif. is one of 100 finalists -- selected from more than 200,000 submissions worldwide -- who are competing for a spot on the Mars One mission. Should she be selected for the trip, plans call for her and 23 others to move permanently to Mars to pioneer a new human settlement.

In a conversation with HuffPost Live on Thursday, Armbrister explained why she deserves an opportunity to spend her life on Mars.

"I feel like I have the qualities and characteristics that Mars One is looking for," she told host Marc Lamont Hill. "I'm very adaptable. I have a team spirit attitude. I'm very resourceful and trustworthy... and that's what Mars One is looking for."

She admitted to being "fearful" of what the journey could hold, but she sees "the fear and the curiosity and the drive" as being a unique draw for the experience. But that doesn't mean she isn't cognizant of the risks of traveling to -- and living on -- another planet.

"There's radiation that we'll have to protect ourselves from on the journey there and on Mars, but we'll be able to use the soil on Mars -- five meters of soil -- to help us protect our crops and ourselves from radiation," she said. "Bone density loss as well, but there'll be a lot of counter measures done... before we even get there."

Her mom remains unconvinced, however.

"My mother would prefer I stay here on earth and have children and get married," she said, "But my father and my brothers are super-excited and my friends, and everyone's cheering me a hundred percent."

Watch more from Kenya Armbrister's HuffPost Live conversation in the clip above.

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