Mars Rover: First Color PHOTO From Curiosity

mars rover first color photo curiosity

So far it's been a black-and-white world on the Red Planet, but today NASA's Curiosity rover sent back the first color photo from its historic mission on Mars.

The picture offers a view of the north wall and rim of Gale Crater, but the image is blurry because the removable dust cover on the camera is coated with fine debris kicked up during landing, USA Today reports. The photo has also been rotated to correct the current tilt of the rover's robotic arm.

The image reportedly pleased NASA scientists, but its poor quality was derided by some media. "Is Curiosity taking photos with a RAZR?" Gawker quipped, referring to the fad camera phone produced by Motorola in the early 2000s.

Picture quality is expected to improve once the dust cover is removed. "Images taken without the dust cover in place are expected during checkout of the robotic arm in coming weeks," according to NASA.

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Mars Rover Landing Photos