Mars-Chiron, Life of Pi , and Jeff Goldblum as the Fly

Like everything else we see in Astrology, it can go at least two ways.

Not even counting the fact that Pisces is a double-bodied sign, both the higher and the lower vibrations can manifest at the same time.

One side is angry and crippled, full of shame and resentment. HE, the creature inside you (or rather IT because it's a more genderless, mindless part of the self), feels less than a man, paralyzed and helpless, unloved and unlovable, rejected and rejecting, mad at the whole world acting out blindly, as anti-social as it can get, drinking, drugging, punishing itself and everyone around, dragging its broken hoof behind it in a frustrated frenzy of self-pity.

At the same time it is also the heroic long-distance runner who wins the race even though he's a double amputee, speeding past all competition on his prostheses. It is the wise and grateful human being who knows what pain is, how to care for the less fortunate and those in need. It is the artist who is able, as if by magic, to transmute inner pain, shame, doubt, fear or suffering into music, painting or any other form of art that will uplift the spirit and transform the soul of any and all who witness or observe the manifestations of creation.

Both together under one roof. In one body. In one mind.

To achieve this state of an integrated self we struggle to put aside our blame and rage and shame. We elevate ourselves from the state of perpetual, chronic hurt. We acknowledge the darkness within ourselves and stretch out a hand to those who cannot see any light, always taking care not to let that hand get bitten off.

The Life of Pi gives us a perfect picture of this celestial configuration of Mars with Chiron. Alone at sea with no companion but your primitive self, Life of Pi leaves us haunted by unanswered questions:

Are we doomed to exist subjugated by the predatory, raw, mindless instinctual creature within, living for survival alone? Or can a miracle occur, which lifts us up unto a higher place where we can tame our savage self and live in peaceful coexistence with it?


Must we always resort to the lowest level of action, then hide it from ourselves afterwards, telling ourselves a fanciful tale about how we transcended evil, merely in order to live in the present with the unspeakable acts we have committed in the past?

Right now Mars touches Chiron. Naturally a part of you is angry, tired of having to live with your inadequacies. You are eager to take out your frustrations for feeling unworthy on anyone who comes near. You claw at yourself, sleep with one eye open, restless, resentful, and yet yearn to be greater, strive to be more than an animal.

You imagine a freer, more expressive role, eager to know love, hoping to accept the darker side, figuring ways to tame it, make it an integrated part of yourself more accepting, tolerant, humane...

Or is it in the end like the wretched creature portrayed by Jeff Goldblum in The Fly who said, "I dreamed I was a man. But now the dream is over?"