Sen. Marsha Blackburn Mocked For Griping About Funding Elder Care

The Republican Party’s opposition to anything that President Joe Biden is for is pushing GOP politicians into taking some bizarre positions.

The Republican Party’s opposition to President Joe Biden’s proposed infrastructure plan is pushing GOP politicians into taking some bizarre positions in an attempt to own the libs.

Case in point: Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn, who on Wednesday took to Twitter to gripe about various parts of the plan.

Considering Blackburn is a conservative, it’s no surprise she opposed funding climate change studies and green transportation initiatives, but she shocked many by revealing she also has problems with helping the country’s oldest citizens, many of whom vote Republican.

Paying lip service to helping older Americans is Politics 101, so naturally many Twitter users were shocked by the tweet, which was quickly overwhelmed with negative comments.

The Democratic National Committee was quick to point out what Blackburn was saying.

Others piled on with the mockery.

Blackburn’s tweet was so out of touch that some people suspected she was secretly in cahoots with the White House.

However, one person had some advice for Blackburn and her fellow Republicans.

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