GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn Mocked After Vowing To Never Rewrite U.S. Constitution

The Tennessee Republican apparently forgot about those little changes called "amendments."

Sen. Marsha Blackburn decided the best way to celebrate Constitution Day was to demonstrate she’s not actually familiar with the document.

On Thursday, the Tennessee Republican tweeted a promise never to rewrite the Constitution ― a dubious notion, as we shall see.

Blackburn’s tweet might have appealed to voters who like tough statements, but it was mocked by people who paid attention in civics class.

You see, the Constitution has been revised many times throughout the country’s 244-year history ― 27 times, to be specific.

But the proper term is “amendment,” not “rewrite.”

Blackburn was taken to task by Twitter users.

Some people suspected that Blackburn was actually quite familiar with the process of rewriting the Constitution ― and brought receipts.

HuffPost reached out to Blackburn’s office for comment, but no one immediately responded.

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