Marshall Giles Jr. Arrested For Allegedly Killing Father With Ax In Texas

Police arrested a 19-year-old who allegedly attacked his sleeping father with an ax in their Texas home on Wednesday.

The dad, Marshall Lee Giles died on Thanksgiving after his wife found him bleeding on their couch with his left eye hanging from the socket, WOAI reported. There were several large cuts to his head.

His son Marshall Giles Jr. -- who goes by the name Lil Sicc -- was arrested when he emerged from a crawl space, the San Antonio Express reported. Police found a hatchet with a long handle in the suspect's hiding spot.

Police said the teen asked if his father died and then began to "smile and laugh" as they brought him to jail, Fox News said.

Later, Giles Jr. gave a full confession, police said.

The teen was initially charged with aggravated assault, but after his father's death, the charges will most likely get upgraded to murder, according to the Associated Press.



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