Marshawn Lynch Finally Talks To The Media In Hilarious Skittles Ad

He prefers cat videos to dog videos.

Marshawn Lynch's press conference for Skittles offers an alternate universe where the Seahawks running back actually enjoys talking to the press. We learn that he prefers cat videos over dog videos, and that he would like to continue living on Earth rather than trying out life on another planet.

Too bad it's just an ad for his favorite candy brand, released before Lynch plays in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Lynch, whose unwillingness to talk to journalists has led to fines by the NFL, does address his prickly relationship with the Fourth Estate in the goofy spot. When asked if workers deserve Skittles for a job well done, Lynch demonstrates how he would throw Skittles to reporters if "they ask me a good question."

Hey, Marshawn, how about giving them a good quote instead?

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