Watch Marshawn Lynch Go Beast Mode Into An End Zone Of Skittles

Marshawn Lynch's love for Skittles continued its boundless journey during his appearance on Monday night's "Conan." The Seattle Seahawks running back, who was also on Animal Planet last Monday, stopped by the show to engage in some Skittles shenanigans.

Miming his infamous crotch-grabbing, backwards-diving touchdown celebration, Lynch fulfilled his lifelong dream: To dive into an end zone of Skittles.

marshawn lynch
Look out below! (Source: CONAN)

And Conan should basically just come to every NFL press conference, because in addition to the Skittles end zone, he got Lynch to answer a handful of football-related questions, too.

When asked to expand upon recent retirement rumors, Lynch admitted to thinking about it, given the punishing nature of the running back position. His new three-year, $31 million contract signed in March, however, was large enough to propel Lynch to saddle up for another NFL season in Seattle.

“They put 12 [million dollars] in front of you for a year, you start to think, ‘Maybe I can do this again,'" Lynch said.

As long as Lynch has his lifetime supply of Skittles, we can see him playing for many more years.



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