Marshawn Lynch Just Won't Answer Reporters' Questions, And They're Not Happy About It

NFL Star Never Fails To Make It Awkward With Reporters

Marshawn Lynch's thorny relationship with the press took another uncomfortable turn Sunday.

Now keep in mind that the Seattle Seahawks player has already been fined $100,00 for not speaking to the media earlier this season. He followed that with an interview in which he mostly answered "yeah" to multiple queries.

On Sunday Lynch expanded his verbiage but not by much. Asked in a variety of ways to address an impressive 79-yard touchdown run in the Seahawks' 35-6 victory over the Arizona Cardinals, Lynch answered mostly, "Thanks for asking."

When a reporter asked about his stomach, Lynch got positively loquacious. "I appreciate you asking about my stomach. Thank you."

According to Deadspin, reporters were not amused. And one, New York Post football writer Bart Hubbuch, got personal.

Marshawn Lynch might be a great football player, but he's also a disrespectful, unprofessional dick.

— Bart Hubbuch (@BartHubbuch) December 22, 2014

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