Cinnamon Bun Pizza, Welcome To This World Of Ours

Magic in your mouth.

New York pizzeria Marta has been serving up thinly crusted wood-fired pizzas since 2014, but now the Italian eatery is sweetening up the brunch game with a new dish.

Their cinnamon bun pizza was introduced just a few weeks ago, but has already become a hit among patrons of the Manhattan restaurant, executive chef Joe Tarasco told The Huffington Post over the phone.

The dish is made with Marta's signature Roma-style thin crust, drizzled with a brown sugar and cinnamon sauce, dusted with cinnamon sugar and then baked for just three minutes. Once the pie is out of the oven, the chef tops it with mascarpone and sprinkles a little more cinnamon sugar on top.

Tarasco said the delicious entree is just one step toward expanding Marta's brunch offerings, which currently include brunch staples like avocado toast and a selection of specialty pizzas.

Watch the creation come together in the video above.

Video produced and edited by Tiara Chiaramonte and shot by Kohar Minassian, Tiara Chiaramonte and Samantha Guff.

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