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Marta Pihan Kulesza Wears Fantastic Glitter Braids To Compete In The Olympics (PHOTOS)

Chalk it up to our not-so-secret love of scrunchies, but we've always been champions of the Olympic gymnasts' hairstyles. In fact, the flak some of them have been getting for wearing decidedly messy buns at the 2012 London Olympics has only made us stauncher supporters. So you can imagine how stoked we were to see Polish gymnast Marta Pihan-Kulesza sporting one of the coolest 'dos we've ever seen at the Olympics.

Not only did Ms. Pihan-Kulesza rock the floor exercise portion of the Artistic Gymnastic competition, but she also managed to silence all hair-haters by painting her braids in red, white and blue glitter (the Polish flag is red and white, so perhaps she was just spicing things up with a third color). It was arguably our favorite hair moment in this year's Olympics thus far.

We're really hoping that this sparks a glitter hair revolution in the gymnastics world -- nay, the entire Olympics realm in general. Couldn't you just see Ryan Lochte rocking American flag glittered tips with his grill and neon speedo?

Check out Marta Pihan-Kulesza's sassy hair!

Marta Pihan-Kulesza's Glitter Braids

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