Martha Stewart Mourning Death Of Pet Cat Mistakenly Killed By Her 4 Dogs

“I will miss her very badly. RIP beauty,” the home living guru wrote in an Instagram post.

Martha Stewart is mourning the death of her pet Persian cat, who died this weekend under tragic circumstances.

On Saturday, Stewart made an Instagram post lamenting the death of Princess Peony, a calico Persian cat who was nearly 13 years old. Stewart said the cat was killed by her four dogs, who “mistook her for an interloper and killed her defenseless little self.”

“I will miss her very badly,” Stewart wrote, next to a photo of Princess Peony’s grave. “RIP beauty.”

In a separate post, Stewart put up a photo of her late pet.

The Princess and her sister, Empress Tang, were born in May 2009, and moved to Stewart’s farm in September the same year.

During an interview with the “Today” show last year, Stewart described both cats as “gorgeous, “very special” and “players.”

Stewart’s Instagram posts drew lots of sympathy, including comments from celebs like Ellen Pompeo, who wrote “So sorry,” and Kris Jenner, who posted three tears emoji.

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