Martha Stewart Reveals Christian Bale Is Her Celebrity Crush

Martha Stewart Reveals Her Celebrity Crush

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We've learned a lot about Martha Stewart's dating habits in recent months and as Valentine's Day approaches it's fitting that she dished to "Today" about which actor holds the honor of being her current celebrity crush.

"I have lots of crushes, I love having crushes. But lately I think it's Christian Bale," she revealed, adding that she's specifically crushing on him in his portrayal of image-obsessed serial killer Patrick Batman. "I just watched 'American Psycho,' where he looks really good."

Bale, 40, is known for completely transforming his appearance for roles, and he couldn't have looked more different in his most recent film "American Hustle," unfortunately it's a look that wasn't working for the 72-year-old lifestyle mogul.

"And then I watched his new movie, 'American Hustle,' where he looks really bad. He had to get fat. He had to get a potbelly for 'American Hustle,' so that would have been a good time for him to eat at my house," she said. "I don't think eating is exactly what I want to do with Christian Bale."

Oh, Martha!

But Stewart is fickle when it comes to crushes, as she admitted to Entertainment Weekly last April that another star had caught her eye.

"I was into Ryan Gosling for quite a while. I watched every one of his movies," she said.

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