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Martha Stewart Decorated Obamas' Guest House With Lollipops And Ribbon Candies

Editors from six lifestyle magazines received the ultimate holiday present: an invitation to decorate the Blair House (the president's guesthouse) and the State Department Diplomatic Reception Rooms for an initiative called "Diplomacy at Home for the Holidays."

Martha Stewart, representing her Living magazine, was responsible for the Lee Drawing Room, which she decked with ornaments based on the stylized birds printed on the 18th-century wallpaper. She also furnished the Blair Dining Room with a candy theme, involving lollipops, a pink feather tree with ribbon candies and a gingerbread version of the guesthouse.

Stewart said, "I would do anything for our country," the Washington Post reported.

Traditional Home adorned the Lee Dining Room with monogrammed linens, colorful china, magnolia leaves and persimmons.

The house's Truman Study was set up to look just as it had in 1951:

They tried to find as many of them as they could on eBay and other sources and came up with versions of the hand-knitted socks, vintage razor blades, a 1948 Life magazine and a soundtrack from "Paint Your Wagon." They framed old photos of Truman, who lived at Blair House while the White House was being renovated, with various dignitaries and hung them on a tree. Three stockings, embroidered Harry, Bess and Margaret, were hung at the mantel.

All of the trimmings were revealed on Monday night.

Check out photos of the decorations. Or read more about who decorated the White House for the holidays.

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