Martha Stewart Lets The World Know Exactly How She Feels About Trump

Feud between former TV rivals is alive and well.

Martha Stewart is letting her fingers do the talking.

Posing between Andres Serrano’s portraits of President Donald Trump and rapper Snoop Dogg at the Frieze Art Fair in New York on Saturday, Stewart had a gesture for each of them:

The photo was snapped by artist and embroiderer Newlin Tillotson, who said on Instagram that she was taking a pic of the two images when Stewart stepped into the shot.

The image was later removed, but reposted on Twitter on the Frieze Fairs account.

Another image released on Stewart’s official Instagram was decidedly more neutral:

Kevin Sharkey, an executive at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, called the second image “the politically correct version” on his own Instagram, and said it was “so much less interesting.”

Stewart, who supported former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in 2016, starred in a spinoff of Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” The show lasted just one season and its failure led to a very public feud between the two.

She’s had better luck on TV with the man in the other portrait; “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party” on VH1 was renewed for a second season.

The odd pair also seem to be kindred spirits. Earlier this year, Snoop Dogg released a music video showing him pointing a gun at a clown version of Trump.

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