Even Martha Stewart Loves This How-To Video For Folding Fitted Sheets

It's a good thing.

The struggle of trying to fold a fitted sheet is familiar to every laundry-doer. No matter how many YouTube tutorials we watch, it never seems to happen neatly.

But a new video posted by none other than Martha Stewart herself has us ready to try all over again.

The domestic goddess shared a clip of two men, Kevin Sharkey and Douglas Friedman, working together to fold a fitted sheet in an undisclosed dreamy location (of course). Their trick is all about placing their index fingers on the inside corner of one side and the outside corner of the other side, so the sheet forms a nice foldable rectangle despite its ungainly elasticized corners.

Genius! “Two men... take on the chore of folding a fitted sheet and instead of making a mess of it they do an impeccable job!!!” Stewart captioned the video.

There’s something here that makes the art of folding these frustrating elasticized linens seem especially doable. Perhaps it’s the teamwork. Or the setting.

Of course, as Stewart points out, actually achieving these smooth, folded lines might require a “Kevin Sharkey or Douglas Friedman to help at home.”

We’re armed with detergent and ready when you are, fellas. But until then, we’ll try a table:

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