Martha Stewart Forced To Explain: 'I'm Not Drunk'

Martha Forced To Explain: 'I'm Not Drunk'

Just five hours after tweeting about an upcoming cocktail event, Martha Stewart has taken to Twitter to announce that she is not drunk.

The announcement came after a series of typo-laden and seemingly random tweets about her daughter Alexis's new Hallmark Channel show.

"Come now to the New York Botanic gardens for cocktails in the ms herb garden i will be here - tix still available at the entrance," Martha tweeted late Tuesday afternoon.

"I really want to know if you are finding our new tv programming on hallmark. Let $e know," she followed up three hours later. Her program has struggled in the ratings since moving to the Hallmark Channel.

"forgive the typo!!$ odd how that happens but tweeting on a blackberry in the dark is difficult the programs start at 10 am e, 9 am central," she wrote about her typo.

And then she began soliciting feedback on Alexis' show, ranging from "should the whatever girls sit on stools, a couch or chairs" to "should alexis change her hair style everyday??" and "should jennifer always wear black stockings?" Jennifer is a reference to Alexis's "Whatever, Martha!" co-host, Jennifer Koppleman.

This prompted a range of reactions from the Twitter community, many assuming (or asking whether) the domestic diva was drunk.

"Hell yeah, nothing makes me feel better about my alcoholism than @MarthaStewart and her drunken tweets," wrote @thomascornhole.

"Quick. @MarthaStewart is tweeting drunk. Read it before she deletes it," wrote @bdgrabinski.

"Martha, I love you, but buzzed tweeting is not your expertise," wrote @christinalois.

Martha then clarified that she was not, in fact, drunk, by tweeting, "i am not drunk-just curious if i can get some action going on twitter time to write my editor's letter now."

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