Martha Stewart Is Selling Jeans on QVC, And They Are 'So Fancy'

Well, this is something.

You can never have too much of a good thing, unless you’re Martha Stewart and that good thing is pearls.

On Thursday, Snoop Dogg’s bestie revealed a look from her upcoming line with QVC, which includes this very special pair of jeans. They are described by Stewart as “great fabric great construction great jeans that fit!!! With pearls down the legs so fancy!!!”

The rest of the line, which she also showed off on Instagram, looks a bit less “so fancy!!!” and a little more dressed down.

Her foray into fashion follows a long line of fancy recent endeavors, including a wine club, her dinner party television show with Snoop, her own coffee shops and a partnership with a home delivery meal service.

What will she think of next? Diamond-embossed leather?

The QVC line, which will also include food, garden and beauty products, all retails under $65, according to People, and will be available on QVC on Sept. 25. But it looks like you can at least get your fancy pants on now for just $56.50.