Drew Barrymore Pushes Martha Stewart To Date Pete Davidson Until... Awkwardness

The lifestyle doyenne uttered a double entendre about the former "Saturday Night Live" star that perked up the host.

Drew Barrymore tried persuading Martha Stewart to date Pete Davidson on Tuesday, but she lingered a tad long on the subject for Stewart’s taste. (Watch the video below.)

Stewart declared on “The Drew Barrymore Show” that she’s been single for about 30 years and “not proud of it.” That led to a game in which the host presented the lifestyle doyenne with several dating scenarios. Stewart indicated her level of approval with a red, yellow or green flag.

Stewart held up green flags at the possibility that her date has as many tattoos as Pete Davidson and is actually Pete Davidson. Barrymore mentioned there was internet chatter about the two dating. (Twitter had fun after they were photographed holding hands at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in April.)

“He’s dated so many women,” Stewart told Barrymore. “I’m not saying that’s bad. That’s good. And he’s sort of cute.”

Barrymore continued her lighthearted prodding. Stewart, 81, said the 28-year-old funnyman is a good guy who “knows how to get in and get out,” prompting a suggestive look from Barrymore.

The host continued that “age is not a thing” for Davidson, who’s romanced Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale and Kim Kardashian. “He’s like my lost son,” Stewart said.

Barrymore pressed further before Stewart hit her with an “OK, what else” ― as in, let’s move on.

Sorry, internet, Stewart and Davidson probably aren’t happening. At least, according to the former.

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