Martial Artist Takes Big Hits To Groin And We Double Over

Now that's testing your manhood.

This guy may truly have brass balls.

performer at a martial arts demonstration in Luoyang, China, appeared to absorb heavy hits to the groin from a wooden box of stone, Kotaku reports.

 Not convinced? Check out this angle:

The man with the so-called "iron crotch" doesn't seem too fazed by the repeated blows, perhaps owing to the tolerance training he undergoes, Record China reported.

Or -- and we hate to doubt his tool toughness -- the guy ramming the box might be holding back or there's some other dickfoolery going on.

One Kotaku reader offered this possibility: "Let’s hope he’s already had offspring, because those fellas ain’t working anymore."

The beginning of the YouTube headline also attempted to sum up the recent exhibition: "Ouch!"

H/T Kotaku

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