Martial Arts Tricking: New Sport Is A Synthesis Of Motion And Creativity (VIDEOS)

A wise man once rapped: "It's tricky to rock a rhyme/to rock a rhyme that's right on time/It's tricky."

What's even trickier? Well, as it turns out, there's a new extreme sport called martial arts tricking that's upped the ante on tricks of all kinds.

Tricking is tough to describe without a visual aid, which you can see below, but think of it as a real-time, pan-athletic forum between floor gymnastics and martial arts skill, and extreme sports showmanship. Naturally, tricking begets -- and rewards -- a certain degree of attitude.

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It's like parkour without the cityscape, or half-pipe skateboarding without the board (or the pipe, for that matter). In tricking, the emphasis is on motion and creativity -- and the more emphatically they're delivered, the better.

"Tricking is a synonym for creative movement ... an eternal concept than can be applied to anything in motion ... anyone mixing and moving creatively, is tricking," writes YouTube user towlie2110 in his description for a tricking highlight reel by "Super Saiyan" Brandon McCuien, also known as Lil B (not to be confused with the rapper who goes by the same name).

The video was posted in February of 2012 and has drawn more than 1.3 million views as of press time.

McCuien, a 22-year-old "street tumbler" from Little Rock, Ark., is one of the young stars of martial arts tricking.

The term "Super Saiyan" refers to an extremely powerful transformative state achieved by some characters in the anime franchise "Dragon Ball."

The phrase is justified. As observed in YouTube videos of the sport, some tricking stunts are nothing short of epic. In addition to tumbling on mats, practitioners of tricking sometimes use trampolines to vault high into the air.

On April 23, a blog called Martial Arts Tricking, which is devoted to the sport, announced that Red Bull will host the World Tricking Championships in Las Vegas on May 18 to 20.

Red Bull previously hosted a free running competition called the Art Of Motion. Free running, which bears some resemblance to tricking, is a variant of parkour that stresses style and creativity.

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