Martin Bashir Video Of "Asian Babes" And Erection Jokes


Gawker has uncovered the video from "Nightline" co-anchor Martin Bashir's controversial speech to the Asian American Journalists Association, in which he joked about "Asian babes" and erections and for which he apologized.

Watch as Bashir congratulates colleague Juju Chang for sporting a dress "long enough to cover the important points and short enough to keep us interested" and jokes about the "Asian babes" that left him "mightily relieved the podium [covered] him from the waist downwards" — and listen for the crowd's icy reaction (transcript below the video):

"In reflecting on what I was gonna say this evening, I'm reminded of the great words of Benjamin Disraeli. Many of you will know that Benjamin Disraeli was the British Prime Minister twice towards the end of the 19th century. And he was a magnificent public speaker. And he was asked, 'What is the secret to your oratory? How come you speak with such authority and you seem to transfix the audience?' And he gave this answer in the House of Commons: He said, 'Every speech that I give, I regard as a dress on a beautiful woman. It needs to be long enough to cover the important points and short enough to keep us interested.' And i have to say I think Juju Chang has achieved on both counts this evening."

"So there's no mistaking your talent, but the reality is there's no mistaking your cultural identity either. 'Cause it's written on your faces. I've never been in an environment of so many beautiful Asian babes in my life. In fact, I'm mightily relieved the podium covers me from the waist downwards because I've been having trouble all evening! So...[laughs while audience jeers]'s OK, calm down, it does actually get worse. There's no mistaking your talent but there's no mistaking your cultural origin."

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